Conditions of Use

Welcome to our webshop. Thank you for being here.

If you’ve come here, it’s because you need help with your vehicle or equipment. We are here thanks to you and will do our best to help you and therefore we ask you so carefully read our terms and conditions before continuing with your order.

In our terms, we have tried as much as we can to explain to you how and when can we help you. We hope that you will feel safe and that you can really save or earn money when shopping and using our products.


Products guarantee and factory warranty is valid for malfunctions
detected under the first year from the time of purchase, unless
other thing is indicated, handling malfunctions and setup malfunction
are not included. Handling malfunction or incorrect connection will
carry a cost for research, this also applies when the malfunction could
not be found or when the malfunction was caused by the customer.
Malfunctions for self-modification of product function and appearance,
such as rebuilding, upgrading or configuring the product is not covered.
The warranty does not cover transport or travel fees. We do not sell software only hardware

NOTE! We sell equipment that adjusts the odometer and original data on different vehicles, but even if your model is listed in the product list, we can not guarantee that it will work with your model. When you change the odometer on a vehicle, you are take a high risk and there is a lot to be done to perform the operation correctly. The smallest mistake can cause that the vehicle does not start and it can be an expensive adventure. Therefore, we do not usually recommend or provide support for such equipment and do not accept responsibilities for damage you may bring to your vehicle through the use of our products.


We have free shipping for most of our products.. The delivery time is between 3-5 working days with DHL, FEDEX or UPS Express for orders over 65 USD.  (7-10 days for sensors and multimedia). On request, we can also ship with NL Post and UPS Europe in 12-20 business days.

For orders below 65 USD you can choose free shipping with regular mail in 15-30 business days or shipping cost with DHL, FEDEX, UPS Express in 3-5 business days. On request, we can also ship with NL Post and UPS Europe in 12-20 business days.

NOTE! If your area is DHL, FEDEX or UPS remote,  your order will be sent with EMS or other courier and delivery  can take up to 20 working days . See if your area is DHL remote  HERE. We reserve the right of longer delivery time due to other circumstances beyond our control.

NOTE! We do not refund the orders that are not received or picked up by customers. These orders will be destroyed by DHL, FEDEX or UPS and is never sent back to us, you as customer are responsible for being home at the time of delivery or pick up your order at DHL, FEDEX or UPS fixed period.

Prices and shipping

Our prices are shown excluding VAT. From 1 July, you are responsible for the customs clearance of the goods you ordered from countries outside the EU and for the payment of VAT. You will receive information from Posten or the transport company about shipments that need to be cleared through customs.

Even if you see prices in EURO are our default prices are in USD, so when you shop with us you are shopping in USD and we are not responsible for the changes in your bank or Paypal USD exchange rate. This also applies to refund, canceled orders or outgoing goods.


In our shop you can pay with credit/debit card with Paypal or bank transfer. If you pay with card by Paypal (Visa / Mastercard) we’ll see the payment immediately and then we can start processing your order immediately  the same day or the day after payment. The delivery time is then  3-5 working days ( 7-10 days for multimedia).

You do not need a Paypal account to pay with Paypal.

With Paypal Card Payment, you can pay directly with VISA, MASTERCARD, by choosing “Pay With Your Debit Card”, and you refer to Paypal Card Payment. Save time and money. With us, it is free to pay with Paypal.

We do not send paper receipt or invoice to our customers. You will receive an electronic invoice or receipt of your order confirmation or after your payment is confirmed. If you want a paper bill  contact us at and we fix it.


The returns of products (no spare parts or tools that have been used) can be made before 14 calendar days after the date of delivery according to distance contracts. A return rate of 20% of the total price will be charged in all cases to cover the cost of handling returns.

The right of return can only be used for stock products and only if the product (including packaging, original boxes, manuals, CDs, etc.) are in their original condition.

The shipping and packaging is charged on returns. That means, you as a buyer has to pay for return shipping of the product. To make a return you need a return number, please contact us first before making a return. You as buyer are responsible for the product until it reaches us or our under suppliers.


Dispute concerning the interpretation or application of agreements
and related legal relations have to be discussed in spanish/english/swedish language,
according the law in a general courts.

Change of services and website

OBD Diagnostics reserves the right to make changes to the site and
service regarding structure, content and function. We reserve against
typing errors . The pictures in OBD Diagnostics website should be seen
as descriptive and may differ from the real product appearance